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Below are the general submission guidelines for publishing your poetry, flash narrative & art in BLR.
For further inquires, feel oh! so free to contact us at:
'Twould make merry our day to hear from you!


you may submit up to three poems (in any format, style, theme, or subject), of no more than 50 lines each. we here at balderdash! hone a strong preference

for free-verse (non-rhyming, non-traditional). 

your pieces should make us stop in our tracks, stroking gently our collective beard, and declare with unfettered gusto "golly, this be the cat's meow!"

flash (fiction & creative nonfiction)

we are on the lookout for innovative, experimental micro-prose with a word count approximating 100 to 600 (tho' we will consider exceptional short fiction which may vary somewhat from that number). if you create a kick-arse piece, telling a unique story, in 55 words - or 707 words - send that bad puppy our way!


any original artwork is welcome in the pages of balderdash! please send no more than one entry in this category, as an attachment, to our above-mentioned and beloved little mess of an email address


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