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Hello there, and welcome to Balderdash Literary Review! This online magazine seeks to provide an easily-accessible and engaging space where lovers of words can congregate to read - and share - within a diverse and welcoming olio of selected poems, micro-fiction, and art of all persuasions.

We encourage you to spend some time browsing the motley assortment of creative expressions which are lovingly encapsulated in Balderdash!


We also wholeheartedly encourage Submissions to the magazine of all kinds, in the genres of poetry,

flash narrative, and visual art/photography, executed in just about any medium imaginable.

Spread the word! Invite your friends! Invite your enemies (in the process, making them friends)!

Tell your neighbors, your co-workers, family, shipmates, fellow storytellers, rockstars and tricksters! 


Ultimatey, it is the poets, writers and artists who, in an organic, ever-evolving fashion make BLR the humble little balderdashing beast who bounces bravely beyond any barriers of misguided notions. We welcome feedback and are thrilled beyond repair that you are here!

balderdashingly so,

the editors

get in touch at:

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